The Streets Rock en Seine Festival 2008

Paris, France, 29 August 2008

In the meantime, I’ve moved from Hillegom to Haarlem. The day before the gig I took the train from Haarlem to Rotterdam, Ozzy picked me up there and we drove to Ozzy’s house in Krimpen aan den IJssel. His place is closer to Paris then mine.

My mate Ozzy and I woke up at about 6ish and left Ozzy‘s house at 7.15… on our way to Paris… within 5 hours (with 3 stops) we arrived on the Camping Paris Ouest. I text Stephan that we arrived and on what camping spot we were. We have a bigger tent now, the one we had in Luxembourg, was too small.

I know Stephan from Hyves. Hyves is a Dutch social website, a bit like Facebook. I used to have an Hyves group about the Streets, not anymore tho (They shut Hyves down)… They could search for us after I gave them our camping place haha.

We were still busy with the tent when they (Stephan and his friend Folker) found us (they were staying on the same camping)… After we finished the tent, we had to help them with the car, cos they listened a bit too much to the Streets on the battery of the car. After that Ozzy and me went back to the tent for a nap and Stephan and Folker were driving with the car.

When Ozzy woke up, cos I didn’t actually sleep, we went to the boys and we drank some beer… then finally the sun came out… that was a perfect moment to get dressed up for the festival. Obviously I was wearing the union jack bikini again.


We decided to walk… hmm… what were we thinking? DAMN that was a long walk…. but if we didn’t walk, we wouldn’t have seen the car (s) accident… Anyways when we arrived at the festival finally… I think it was a 30 or 45 minutes walk.

We had a drink and some food… we enjoyed the sun… and at 9pm… we were waiting for an empty stage for the streets to perform…


We met 2 Australian blokes Matt & Drew Caddy who were studying in London and came over for the Streets,


Until, at 10pm, 3 security guards told us that The Streets moved to the Main stage…. They told us that Amy didn’t show up, what a surprise!! She went to rehab? The guards laughed sheepishly.

Then I waited for Ozzy, because he went to the toilet… when Ozzy came out, we rushed to the other side of the festival for the Main stage… in the meanwhile I text Stephan… because he and Folker went to watch some bands. Stephan asked back… Why?

I didn’t answer until I was at the stage….. so… we stood there at the 2nd row… until the Amy fans realised that it was true, that she wouldn’t come. They left, and I stood at the front.

Soon after that Stephan and Folker came to the stage as well.


Ozzy, Stephan, Drew & Matt were up front as well. Folker stood behind us, he just wanted to have a good time 🙂

Mike came on stage. He said “As you can see, Im not Amy” thank GOD!!! haha Mike also sung “They told me to go to rehab? I said NO NO NO!


Stephan said: “If Mike doesn’t recognize you, you can sit on my and Ozzy‘s shoulder, he must see you then”, within 2 seconds after Stephan said that… Mike said “Hello” to me and waved at me a couple of times!! WOOHOO he recognized me again (I’m no longer blond)!!!!  I love Mike, he is awesome!!! WOOHOO Mike wanted to do the Moses, but people didn’t let him talk. So he came over to Ozzy & me. We had to devine and made sure the rest of the crowd devined down the middle as well. And he crowd surfed back.

Mike went crowd surfing

(Filmed by Stephan)

He got himself some new Amy fans LOL

August 30th 2008

The next day, we could have gone home, but it was Saturday. We went to Disneyland Paris for 2 days instead, we stayed at Camping Paris Est, same organization as the camping we stayed at last night.


August 31st

After another morning in Disneyland Paris we drove back to my house in Haarlem.

In the meantime The Escapist video has been released on July 30th 2008

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